In the Garden...

August 21...  ugh...  the hot dry summer wreaked havoc on the garden ...  a tomato or two a day a couple cucumbers a week...   4 green beans.....  a few summer squash....   so very sad and now all this cool weather making everything think it is fall....   =( - calcium supplements for the garden

June 14 - spotted our first tomato  =)  

Newly planted planter moonflower and geranium with a cool twisty brand for the moonflowers to climb....  dropped in some forget me not and baby's breath seed for fun  =)  the HB LOVE's it  already!

New hoses!     made in the USA, drinking water safe  =)  recyclable when its time comes...    the old one has been run over with the tractor a few too many times - makes for a decent sprinkler hose - but no good for watering the garden.

May 19...   tomatoes plants buried!
planted cucumber, summer squash carrots more lettuce and a few pole bean seeds....

new plants  =D

May 10 ... just watching the lettuce & strawberries grow  =)

March 29 and will you look at the lilacs!?  what the....  the lilacs are freaking blooming  =D

March 25, 2012

  Today I dug in and planted my first rows of carrots and lettuce...

I also, put a few strawberry plants in the asparagus bed - they make good Companion Plants - I planted my asparagus in a clumps rather than rows...  I hope it works out OK, it is only their second year - I hear that do not like to be moved... so hoping for the best !

yes, I finally decided it  was time to take the Christmas decorations off the tree!  Its March ~ hahaha!!!    10 years ago we planted that little Arbor Day sapling  little guy sure grew up fast!

March 22, 2012
As I was running out the door this morning ….  err, more like stumbling  (this girl is NOT a morning person)   I looked down to see if I had spilled coffee on myself  (again)  and noticed my darling little pansy’s that had toughed it out all winter have sprouted a few flower buds   =D

March 11, 2012
Clearly the Farmers Almanac and meteorologists were so WRONG
on the colder and more snow than usual predictions..
if you don't believe me ask the Pansy's  =) 
 ...  and oh MY Sunday was such a beautiful balmy day - I decided to get out and compost and turn the beds...  with all that leaf much we added last autumn - it LOOKING good!!!  this is my first 4ft x 12ft (ya, the hubby was pretty ambition back then, the second he build me is 4ft x 4ft.     No on to the fun stuff - planning seeding...  and finding a pair of pants for that scarecrow!  =D

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