Recipes I LOVE

Food in Jars recipe index  <check out all the gorgeous tasty treats!!!

Burnt Sugar Toffee with Chocolate and Toasted Walnuts  <- I ♥ this 

Homemade Coffee Liqueur  <- I ♥ this
Flower "Honeysuckle" Syrup
Rhubarb Lime Syrup 

Homemade Vanilla

Rhubarb Fruit Leather with Strawberries, Honey, and Cinnamon  <- nom nom nom!!!
Flower "Honeysuckle" Syrup
Rhubarb Lime Syrup 

Mulberries Sherbet and more ♥

Tomato Paste - may make your brain short circuit...

Cookie Dough Frosting would it be wrong to frost cookies with cookie dough frosting? ... I think not

Applesauce Cake 

Zucchini Spread

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