Sunday, March 4, 2012

3.375% refi and score at the ReSale Shop!!

After meeting with our banker to refi at 3.375 ~WOO HOO!!!
I celebrated with a honkin' cup of Starbucks Komodo Dragon Blend and spent rest of the day SHOPPING!!!

First headed to Norton's USA to pickup a super cute baby shower gift (which I can not elaborate on at this time, OK OK - here it is ....  NO peeking you - you know who you are =)

Then to one of my favorite thrift stores (continuing my search for a mixer and egg tray) would you beleive it if I told ya ay lady was checking out with a lovely glass egg tray as I walked in...  I wandered and sulked, until I stumbled upon a big o'beautiful Gainey Ceramics of California planter I know this because the label was still on it - it was $7 of course you know I had to investigate - it is a Azalea in Khaki from the Commercial line.$$$..  a very special home for my umbrella tree =)   also, got a fabulous  Linen Silk/Wool hand embroidered pillow cover Kuk-May  $2  (OMG?! they retail for $200+) oooh, swanky...    =)

Next stop..  an a amazingly comfy pair of  Chaco sandals $7.99  double and strap toe loop SO Comfy & doesn't look like the were ever worn (oh, yeah they retail for $100) now that's some good shopping!!!  

oh and the the hardware store to get a antenna cable connector thingy...  haha!  I found it with out having to ask =D  Picked up some deer repellent supplies as well - ugh!  Bambi is nibbling away at everything green - I went with the blood and coyote urine...  if they don't know to stay the heck away I should be allowed to shoot em? no?  eh, I know hunting season is over...  I will try to remember to keep ya posed on the the effectiveness..

No mixer or egg tray and I am pretty sure I used up all my luck for a while  =D

Wrapped it up with a stop at Country Doughnuts ♥Red Velvet for me & Blueberry Cake for him

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