Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been a while… spent Saturday morning cleaning out the basement... (how did we end up with SO much STUFF!!??!) and loading of the car with Goodwill donations…   now I could not stop myself from stepping inside for a quick peek, totally missed the 50% off everything sign (except new stiff) the place was trashed!! woo hoo ~ I did find 2 milk glass hobnail tumblers $.25 for the two of them! yes, white & frosted hobnail is my new ♥    I also, found a cute and roommy cream purse made of
pretty convincing pleather for $1.50 and a washable feather pillow for my fabulous cover I got a couple weeks ago for $1 it came with a cover that will look quite nice on our  bed - double bonus - yAY! 

ok, so… then I went back & loaded up (more STUFF in the shed!?!?!)...  so of course  went back in =)   picked up the little milk glass bowl I passed up earlier  $.25  and COMFY  night shirt $1.50..  last but not least a pampered chef tool turn-about  only $1.00 ~ a white one (I have a black one in the kitchen that I LOVE)  but this will will be used to organize "office" supplies - sweet =D  

Sunday was a YUCK fest…  end. 

Anyway, I survived Monday although I almost failed to get a “funny” one for my Photo a Day – just that kinda day… until I was ALMOST home…   maybe because I had to pee since Chicago, perhaps I was overtired, or quite possibly because I am just juvenile… LOL!  

Day 19 - funny

hmmm...  a car that runs on pee - Brilliant!!   ok now all you little geniuses out there, go figure out a way to make ot happen  =)

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