Saturday, September 22, 2012

photo-a-day "UP"

UP in the vine...  hanging out (or hiding ?) 
This is Kaia one of my 7 crabbie babies.  Stevie the problem child has taken to picking on her the past few days...    yeah, she has moved into a magpie shell which seems to be their favorite, but Stevie is a bit larger and probably would not be a good fit fro him, but i think he is just a meanie...  .   he did the same thing to Kimmie and he eventually pulled her out I got her into a new shell quickly, and he went straight into solitary confinement...  he spent all of about 30 min in the shell he stole, before going back to his pink murex...  he got 30 days for that...   i think he is looking for a another 30 ...  brat.

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