Friday, November 30, 2012

on the wall... and whats happened since my last post =)

During a little trip to San Diego, California in 2000 -  hopped the border to do a little shopping Tijuana  Mexico --  I got this pretty colorful pretty fish =)   
November 30 - one the wall #FMSPHOTOADAY

SO... Thanksgiving has come - it was a lovely stress free day =D  
the best in a long long time!  it was just me, the HB and My little sis came out with the family. 

We had plenty of appetizers - so no one had to cry 'I'm hungry"   crackers, salami, pepperoni, 5 kinds of cheese - cheddar bacon cheeseball, swiss, mild cheddar, colby jack and brie, black & green olives, sweet pickles... oh and the  cheese & caramel popcorn -  nom nom nom!!!

The table was set with (all made in the USA) festive paper tableware and a "tablecloth" made for coloring =) having no plates and glasses to was a joy for the dishwasher (my HB) 

A certain young man came bearing a football adorned in GB Packers attire - I adore him none the less.   

The boys went out for a bit to throw and kick the football around a little, while we girls chatted, snacked, sipped a little Barefoot Red Moscoto sparkling wine & browsed the black Friday sale ads - oh and we also did a bit of cooking  =)

We had Ham, Turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans, corm, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, cornbread & peach orange jello with marshmallows - everything was SO good!!!

I  am thankful for a lot of things -  food on the table, happiness on my heart, a comfy bed to sleep in, a good job, and not ever having to say President Romney  =D

Miss America 2012
After busting the doors <LOL> mostly we got great deals on Items we plan to donate =)  and a few little gift things - drank coffee and then tried to napped for like 3 hours <ha!>  we all went out for breakfast and then hit the Downtown for the annual lighten up festival...  we painted a ornament Christmas trees at the local "paint you own place" kinda a new tradition - this was our third year - can't wait to see how they turned out!  then we hopped from shop to shop to take part in all the festivities -   we meet Mrs. Santa Klaus and wrote letters to Santa, frosted & promptly ate cupcakes <yum> and made pine cone feeders for our birdie friends...  finally waited in like for like an hour to meet Ms. America - totally worth it, my niece was so thrilled!
Miss America 2022

Small Saturday we girls hit the local resale stores, a little holiday shop and a family run Christmas tree farm  -  among other fun things we picked up this pretty little dress - which we needed to play toddlers in tiaras!

other than that - I have been working one building a sweet Lego Police Spaceship - picked it up at Good will for only $3 ...  build most of it and found I am only missing a few pieces...  luckily the Lego website is awesome & I was able to find them all and order everything I need =)

started a diet last week - Dr's orders no wheat or refined sugar... ugh!!!  actually doing pretty good, eating more fruit...  been ok with the no wheat thing -  except what is in my beer =D   IDK, I guess I will have to try some of the gluten free beers... already lost 5lbs.

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