Monday, March 12, 2012

Lavender Vodka & more March photos

Inspired by Lavender Rose Collins video/recipe but not quite that ambitions...

1 Tbsp of lavender buds + 1 Cup of Vodka
I made it in a 1 pint jar and added 1 Tbsp of Sugar
(seemed like a good idea at the moment)...
Gave it a few shakes and as you can see it is already 
beginning to turn a lovely lavender hue... 
I think I just fell in love =D

wrap it in a paper bag (I didn't have a small bag, so wrapped it in newspaper - same effect me thinks) and placed it in a cool dark... sampling begins tomorrow!
Until then I shall consider the possibilities....  
I'm thinking over vanilla ice cream, perhaps with soda water & lemon wedge or just on the rocks  =D on to March Photo a Day!!!

Day 12 - a forK

Day 11 - Someone I talked to... 

Day 10 - LOUD 

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