Sunday, March 11, 2012

... drinking CoFFee and slacking off

SuNnY Sunday morning and  I'm drinking coffee with homemade coffee & vanilla liqueur, listing to the clothes washer doing it thing, pondering what to make for breakfast and admiring a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets...
Cuisinart coffee grinder I have had for about 15 years still running good as new (by beloved coffee liqueur beside it), pampered chef parking knife /w locking honing case (yes, I paid full price for that one & do not regret it - great little knife travels well and easy to hide from children and HB.  I also have a PC spring-form pan which I  picked up at thrift store for $2 I do like the PC  stuff...  ) and my Tupperware silicone spatulas yes, I have 2 bc/ they are that awesome!  heat & stain proof, head pops of easy to wash but says on when in use =) very nice -  evidently they now have a white handle and green head? eh? which makes me happy I got 2 of them!   and an Mr Eggie, pretty sure you can find than all over for about $3, but I got mine for .99 at a thrift shop - he's  handy and has cute little sour face - whats not to love!?  

I'm thinking steak (leftover flank steak), egg & pepper sandwiches...  as soon as I have one more cup of coffee  =D

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