Thursday, April 19, 2012

.. Tangerine Tango

... It is officially almost over...  google takes over tomorrow...   planning on trying out  and taking suggestions from the peanut gallery  =)

oh yeah, STILL sick  =/   the husband suggested I may have mono... or whooping cough.
tells me I should go to the doctor why I am feeling better and since I seem to be allergic to just about every antibiotic known to man...  well maybe not every, but not willing to take another chance for soemthing like this..

so...  I think maybe, I may have to give up on catching up on photo a day...   and let me tell you today "orange"  I went out with the ladies birthday lunch group...  and how often do you see an orange purse?! IK  never right? and I get In the company bus (technically a van, but whatever) and the are 2 ladies each with a rather fabulously cute orange handbags!?   evidently pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango...   eh?  cute, bit not for me... kinda diggin' cockatoo and starfish ...   and BTW my bag is a Moss green B Makowski =)

Day 5: tiny
so.... here's all I got...

my "tiny" girl and "tiny" alien work friends.... I will put it down for Day 18: hair as well, bc/ is that hair not AWESOME?!  
and, oh my and is that outfit  totally tangerine!  ya 
yeah, yeah, you too you little glowing macarena dancing alien... 

Day 13: something you found

SWEET! a new addition to my Jimmy Johnson collection....

Day 16: flower

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