Thursday, April 12, 2012

STuff uff uffFYyy!!!

...  just as I was slowing coming out of my funk... ugh!!!  it hit me... STuff uff uffFYyy!!!  feels like I need to sneeze but something may explode if I do... not sure it its allergies yup pollen is very high.. or it could be a cold from the icky sticky germ infested children I spent Easter with - if so I love em and it was totally worth it... what ever it is  =/

so of course I have laying low on the bed, work, bed regimen...and taking copious quantities Benadryl, drinking fluids...  and the Neti Pot - I have the older model, the new one is SO cute and yes I heard the warnings - I am using distilled water AND boiling it & adding the special salt... love the neti pot and I am fairly certain I would die without it!

I have also been reading up on  mucus... interesting and yucky (may induce vomiting in sensitive readers) and reading some of my favorite food porn... and the like.... err..

Blogs I mean - I have been busy reading blogs!!!   the list is over there  ->   see it right below the garden bed?  no?  keep scooting down...   ah ha... see  =)

oh man o man!?  I have to catch up on the Photo a Day!

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