Sunday, April 8, 2012

...tie dye Easter Eggs =D

HappY Easter!!!

I used a combination of a Tie Dye egg coloring kit and and the stickers from Dunk an Egg color kit - Both of which I stocked up on last year for .25 at the after Easter sale  =)    
.....  eh?  I just searched "Dunk an Egg" and they are being sold for $9.99...  seriously?

so, I arrived at my sisters house while they were still at church - I let myself in...This is what is see!?  I said said to myself... WOW Eater Bunny I see you went a little crazzzyyyy this year!  ... I suppose they will not notice if I have a few bites...  nom nom nom...  the other kid had her loot was packed neatly in a GIANT basket...  oh yeah, I snacked on that on too...  =D

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