Saturday, April 7, 2012

... my milk glass collection ♥

The latest and greatest addition to my collection -  a flowery egg shaped candy dish made by Avon I saw it one weekend and resisted it.... it was still there the next weekend - clearly it was meant to be  =) only $3.  (am I the only one who LOVES this? )   and the the little votive I picked up for $.99

on the left is one of the 2 Fire King fancy baking dish of some-kind? I use them to contain small plants) the o n the right I picked up at a rummage sale in Kenosha  $1  again not sure of its intended use, but I use it to corral miscellaneous stuff on the mantel...

the other smaller Fire King - and isn't that plant cool - it is a Silver Philodendron...  yes, need to re-pot that one! 

and MY most most favorite - I got a of  pair of these at a rummage sale benefiting a local environmental group.. they didn't have a price....   I'm not a haggler.... so, I walked away with the awesome white ceramic frog toothbrush holder I found  ...  they called me back...  I asked - they said $8.... I hemmed... they told me that are Fenton and I said and well it is for a a good cause right - I'll take them!   I do LOVE them. (early the next day they had an everything must go give away - that's when I got the Fire King =) 

This was my first!  from my sisters wedding =) 

Last but not least - another little vase... 

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