Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 Lemon Girl Scout Cookie Faceoff

Here we go!  The much-anticipated 2012 Lemon Girl Scout Cookie Faceoff!  

On the left Lemonades by ABC Bakers in Richmond, Virginia and on the right Savannah Smiles by Little Brownie Bakers LLC in Louisville Kentucky.  

Ok, now for starters these are clearly different cookies – unlike the Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Sandwiches who’s difference are much more subtle… but, we were up for the challenge!   And Luckily, I have a Niece in Wisconsin peddling cookies from ABC Bakers   and a Cousin IN Illinois selling Little Brownie Bakers LLC goods!     anyway, I enlisted the assistance of 3 very willing coworkers…  lets get to business!  

Let us begin with Looks – – now that is a pretty cookie,  clearly a hands down WIN for Lemonades!

Moving on to Taste - 2 out or 3 of my assistant tasters said they liked them equally, but I have to disagree, while I think the Savanahs have potential -  we all loved the lemony sugar dusted on the outside and those of us (nibblers)  who noticed the tiny nuggets of lemony cream, really appreciated them -  but they are just too inconsistent.  For example, out of my 3 sample cookies, the first had only one nugget!? One had 3 and the other didn’t have any (sad) now if they up those nuggets like 5 fold and maybe, just maybe you can beat out the Lemonades.   I like the more dense texture of the lemonades and the face you can break them into nice  little nibble size pieces & if you manage to not eat the entire box in one day the Lemonades stayed fresh tasting for longer  =)     Lemonades WIN!

Next the packaging -
Mainly for the mention of the 100 year Anniversary of Girl Scouts =)   we did not get in to this as a group; they all just wanted to eat cookies!   Savannah Smiles Win.

Finally, Nutrition - Savannahs Win. Because they have less saturated fat, but you can judge for yourself if you so desire…  Personally, I prefer to not care because after all it is a cookie, and it not supposed to be healthy, and I'm (usually) not going to eat the who box I one day...   Thin Mints - now that is an entirely different story NOm NOM NOM!!! 

Overall, Lemonades Win by 5 points!!!     

For the record the score is..  
ABC Bakers  2 /  Little Brownie Bakers 1

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