Saturday, May 26, 2012

... no more smelly feet & Hamm's

LOL!  yes, life is GOOD  =D

I have been a such a blog slacker...  it has been 12 days since my last post... I mean I think about it all the time..   I have a few photos on my camera I ought to share, but it is like SO far away.. like in the kitchen!...      HA! ok, ok....  BRB...  I got get it!  

Seriously, I need a smart phone with a good camera!   or... a NEW CAMERA!!!
like the Fuji FinePix x100 I have been drooling over it for weeks.... it is SO pretty and so cool and sooo.... oh crud!  there I go drooling again...    I love my good ole Fuji FinePix S5100  with the batter compartment taped shut & all (yes, I tried to get it fixed, had it sent back to japan and all) sadly, electrical tape is the only fix)... yes, I NEED a new camera - this camera...
this AMAZING!!!!  and I am in love with it! 

Memorial Day weekend is here!   
Cheers to the unofficial start of summer!!!  

I picked up a 6 pack of Hamm's - America's Classic Premium Beer - Born in the land of sky blue waters  =)   stop it - a as far as cheap american beer goes I find it most drinkable.. enjoyable even as it takes me back to my childhood...  hanging out with my granpa  at night the sweet smoke of cherry tobacco wafting thru the air, looking up at the the stars, watching air planes fly across the night sky, going to fetch him a cold beer from the fridge cracking it open and sipping the foam off the top... yes, those were the good ole days  =)
list of some places you can buy Hamm's ->

.... went to the market today as I do most Saturdays and picked up a few yummy looking Imported items....
I will be making the Coconut Pudding tomorrow!   

My favorite part of summer = fresh fruit & veggies!  got some delicious globe grapes and sweet cherries... and of course I HAD to share with my crabby babe's -

 This is Max - one happy crab chown' on some diced grape & cherry  

and with summer comes hot and stinky feet...   ewe!!   I myself got some  Dr. Teal's Soothing Foot Cream with menthol, peppermint and tea tree oil...  ahh...  much better  8)  perhaps I should have gotten a second for the office!
sorry ladies & gents...  no photo a day today...  I was sound asleep at 12 o'clock  8)

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