Saturday, June 2, 2012

Butterfly's in the fire pit

I started my daily gardening watching these little ones hanging around the fire pit...  not sure that they like so much, but the spend most of the morning there - a bit odd I thought, but lovely was well  =D 

...and evidently there was a bit pf partying last night...    you gnome me - right! 

worked for a bit in the veggie garden planted zuchinni (I forgot to plant the green beans - DON'T TELL)  I will do it on Monday I PROMISE!

Anyway, I did fill the planters big planters - with geraniums and moonflowers...  found a few seed-packs leftover from last year so I  tossed a few marigold seed in one...   and forget me not and gypsophila convent garden..      of course I didn't take photos..  maybe tomorrow...  maybe when they start to come in a bit =D

I also planted a herb garden in one - placed it right outside the kitchen door - sweet basil, lemon basil, parsley, rosemary, along with my lavender - smells so sweet  =)  I have another slightly smaller planter reserved fro chives - regular and garlic..    NOM...NOM...NOM...   I think I will use them much more this year!  walking waaayyy out to the garden just doesn't seem to work for my lazy butt!

oh, and I picked up some gardening books at Goodwill - got lucky, they rarely have any, but I found a load of them one of the new stock bins  =D  quite a few good ones, but these are great -

Found a great walk-way idea  - so cool...
I'm thinking brown stepping stones with bluish pebbles set in concrete - we can't have loose rocks in the yard -  I will not get in to that...  it is the the HB's issue, I can adapt.   =P

Time to enjoy some more of the the Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle Brownies I made today - SO GOOD!

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