Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am not trying to get all political and all, but let me set the record.  

1.  I believe 100% in freedom of speech - for you, me, and sub-moronic jackasses even.
2.  I think same-sex couples should be able to marry and have all the rights as "traditional" marriage - we don't choose who we love..
3.  I believe in supporting business that share my vision of how the world should be and boycotting those that are in opposition of such - believe in kiss-ins and sign waving but not in violence and vandalism

and I am not one to turn down free stuff. 

As a matter of fact we were returning from a delicious free breakfast at Corner Bakery - yup, they sent out sent out an offer to everyone on their e-mail list earlier in the week to sign up for a free Chilled Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal.  GOOD stuff ~  made made made with yogurt, rolled oats, green apples, bananas, currants, cranberries and milk topped with toasted almonds and fresh strawberries and blueberries - NOM NOM NOM!!!  oh and it came a Raisin Pecan Sweet Crisp =D 
real good stuff - even the hubby loved it and he is was a bit suspect about "oatmeal and fruit for breakfast"  yeah he is more of a BFB (big freakin breakfast) guy... but anyway, I could do with out the bananas (not a much of a fan, but I don't hate em either) it was pretty darn good...  we both added a bit of honey on top and he poured a little bit of my coffee over his   GOOD STUFF! 

as I was saying... we wear on our way home from breakfast the hubby noticed the not yet open chick-fil-a sign said free chicken sandwich 11-2pm at Home Depot...    I needed some manure for the garden and and duh - free food.   no I have not been living in a cave...  the CEO (or whatever) dude is a nincompoop and I would not spend a dime of my money at that establishment and I know know full well it is far from healthy (load with plenty of crap I generally choose to avoid ingesting....   
It was free i had a healthy breakfast, I was perhaps a bit hopped up on coffee and so today I ate a chick-fil-a sandwich and OMG....  it was so gross, like seriously gross...  Who puts pickles on a chicken sandwich!?  disgusting...  and something nasty about the bun too... and the chicken (ugh) salty, greasy and why do they add all the weird additive filler stuff  kinda to the chicken, it just makes it weird.... and GROSS.  Sorry, I have no other words for it - I ate less than half of it  and I kinda felt queasy... and I think it made me a ittle wit stoopider...  ugh..  someone please get me a bucket...  

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