Wednesday, August 8, 2012


my new  FAVORITE search engine, and that is sayin' a lot bc/ I have been using Yahoo! since it was launched in..  oh wait, let me go swag it...  Yahoo was launched on March 1, 1995

and BTW I also still have the first email account I ever created - it is an  awesome I KNOW!!  lol =D

anyway, if you have not yet checked it out... or have no idea what I am talking about check  it out!

you search and get points- trade those points for stuff...  that have a daily poll and lots of special offers if you are interested... I advise you do NOT download the toolbar but it is otherwise all good =)

you can find my widget  --->  over  there --->   see it  ---->
in the right column  --->

try out a search
 or Sign UP and dive one it!!!   =D

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  1. I recently discovered the blog - I LOVE the randomness of it all - today I learned how to dance techno 8)


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