Friday, August 31, 2012

tomatoes FINALLY & totally junked up necklace =D

I LOVE summer!  longs days, sunshine, warm (hot even) temperatures!   I am wishing for 6 more weeks!   who's with me!!!  keep bringing the 90's! haha!  A girl has gotta have a dream  =D  

....but seriously, the garden is just now, FINALLY, kickin', into full gear - today was the fist day I picked more tomatoes than we could reasonably eat  =D

..that and planted a second round of zucchini and green beans a week ago - no zucchini for us, the heat done her in.!!!  (Raise your hand if you love My Fair Lady - best movie EVER ) and we got a total of 9 green beans (yes, I counted, we savored each one)  I love the warm summer - the effect it had on the garden  - not so much  =/

For dinner today, I made grilled cheese (Swiss and smoked Gouda), ham and tomato on Egg Bread.  I used the "chocolate" variety I planted a cherry and Plum type chocolate tomato (the chocolates look greenish in the photo the ripen to a purplish brown and SO very delicious with them - YUM!)  I am very pleased with them.

As much as I love bare foot, flip flops and strappy sandals - I also LOVE boots!!   
like how cute are these!? 
Boots!  I can not wait to wear boots again - sure I seem people wearing them.... nope, my feet might catch fire with boots on in this kinda weather...   

BUT I love boots -  oh and gloves & scarves oh my!!  but, I digress HAHA!!   Sadly I have this stupid high instep, so a zipper I required..   and then there is the reoccurring plantar fascia, hmm  round toe box and excellent arch support or room for orthodontic inserts ...  and then i have these beefy calf's, not complainin' just sayin'  ..  =D     and did I mention I prefer flats 1 inch heel a most please... yes,   the heels are SOOOOOOO  flippin' cute buy ugh!!!!! yup, so many cute boots that I can't wear ...  it is a exhausting proposition, but one of these day I will find this years pair of boots  =)  

I stopped in at Goodwill yesterday  - still searching for a lamp and roller skates! no luck with that, but I did find a Soap Making starter kit for 1.99  (Christmas presents for everyone!!), the Frugal Gourmet Cooks American (yeah, it a classic as far as I am concerned, my dad was a big fan....  seeing it made me think of dad and I HAD to have it...  yeah, getting all sentimental in my "old" age...

oh, and this totally junked up necklace.....  the lizard first caught my eye and I thought I was a tangled mess of necklaces... buy no..   IDK what I like best about it - the lizard, the butterfly, the purple pop of color..   just so freakin' cute and only cost me $1.99

hmmm, now that I am 40'something...  I think, perhaps I ought start wearing big necklaces more often  =D  

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