Saturday, September 1, 2012

Small Batch Round 2!

Last week I busted open a jar of my Peach Jalapeno Preserves to share with my foodie work friends - we slathered it on bagels with cream cheese and we were all like NOM NOM  NOM!!! SO GOOD!!!  I think I even inspired one to try canning themselves - one guys started asking me all kinds of questions and next day he stops by to show me the canning kit he purchased....  =) 

Anyway, my first batch was too hot for my husbands delicate taste buds  (LOL - sissy!!!)  So CLEARLY I had to make another variety so that he could be in on the oh so amazing taste of homemade peach preserves - chose to add not one, but 2 of his favorite flavors - and once again I must say, I impress myself!  

Ginger Lemon Basil Peaches Preserves 
Makes 3 - 8 oz jars 
4 medium Peaches (diced)
1 small Purple Plum (diced and totally optional - it was in the bowl with the peaches, and well I am just reckless - so in it went =))
1/2 cup of granular Sugar 
2 thin slices of Fresh Ginger chopped super fine
a few 4-5 Lemon Basil leaves (finely shredded - scissors wok gret for this)

 ...  add ingredients above to sauce pan and simmer about 15 min - stir often 
then add... 

juice from 1/2 Lemon (1 tablespoon~ish) 
1 1/2 tablespoon Low Sugar Pectin 
... simmer a few more minutes

(boil jars lids, funnel - everything that will touch the jars for at least 10 min before canning) set aside on clean towel....  fill jars, wipe tops of jars clean with damp paper towel...   put lids on screw rings on and  process 15 min.   Makes 3 -  8 oz jars 

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