Friday, October 12, 2012

holes in all my papers - ugh! better than push pins which do not hold more than a few sheets… and constantly falling one the floor – make in holes in all my papers - ugh!

I love these clips! Perfect for color my color coded system - I could use red and yellow in addition but the price is good! pack of 20 = about .45 each... at Quill (always free shipping!) =D

Speaking of office supplies... does anyone else dislike small paperclips? Like maybe it is due to my diminishing manual dexterity – I so dislike them, but the frugal environmentalist in me will not permit me to recycle them… so, I keep them segregated - anyone one want small clips - just promise me that you will never send one back to me bc/ if I never see another I will be a happy girl =D

I love quill - kind of a pain that you have to hunt down special codes for sales - but I usually get free cookies with my order -so totally worth it!


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