Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkinfest ~ Day 1

so, cold and wet!!! carved 
   ...this is what I did during morning and afternoon break  =D

planning my jack-o-lanterns...  yes, I am kinda dorky like that  =P
 I had rather lofty plans...   I perhaps a bit too obsessively carved Spiderman and then my moon & sun face (...the nose is kinda (close as I could manage) like the crater in the noon the shapes the man in the moons nose <dork>  and the eye one the right eye is the current moon phase...)  anyway  buy the time I finished my first two I was SO cold!!!    I turned out one more quick little cutie and walked hastily to my car  - BBBRRRrrrr!!!!

1st carving - Spiderman 

2nd carving - Moon & Sun face 
3rd (quickie) carving - Little Cutie 

My Goal is to do 30 --  I have A LOT of catching up to do!!

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