Friday, October 19, 2012

Highwood PumpkinFest Day 2

World Record pie line at 5 pm   - Woo HOO !!!  win!
pie eating contest moved to 5:30 pm -  I missed it - darn work/traffic...

I  missed my pie!!!

sOOooo...   back to work on carving  =D
4th and cutest one!! according to 3 random little girls  =D

5th and 6th   - sillyness and vampire

7th and 8th  girly zombie and  jack scarred by zombie girly  =0

9th and 10th - bringing you the letter  "B" and I'm a Star 
number 11....  waiting to work on the world record attempt at most carver at one time/place 
OK, so I received an un scooped pumpkin!?!?!   I took care of that while we waited... and waited... I have come to realized breaking records that depend on large groups of people require  A LOT of waiting...
#12 - carving with alot of other  people - not quite world record  =D

#13  you don't have to go home but you can't stay here!

...and random parade photos - by random I mean the only ones that came out  =D

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