Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkinfest the BIG final day

brought the kiddos - took pics of most, but lost overall count...   had to be around 40!?
 we did our best and had SO much fun!!!

can not wait to do it again next year!  kids went to help with pre-scooping - they are SO determined to break a world record!!!

cutest zombie cowgirl ever....  right!?
The girl is  not so good at taking photos,  so there is not one of me - eh...  consider yourselves lucky!


 yup, we have mad carving skills!!!   
I have been warned - this is not human 

be afraid...  very afraid  =0

the lovely madam spider princess

all love and peace for these pumpkins =)

....we had to take a break for some delicious spider snacks, visit the firemen and do some trick -or-treating!

and then back to work.... we got a world record to break, ya know!!!
boys will be boys

me and my 3-eyed vamp-o-lantern
....and here are a few pics of other peoples handy work we admired on our way out.... 

  amazing event City of Highwood, IL - you rOCk!!!!

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