Saturday, December 8, 2012

decking the halls =)

The tree is up fully adorned in lights  - twinkling white traditional minis and  AND red and green LED's!!!   I think it looks amazing!   ( will post a photos as soon as I to rack my brain to remember how to photograph Christmas lights).... 

most of the ornaments have been placed upon the the bough's with care  =)  I am pretty sure there another tote of Christmas fun somewhere - perhaps in the dungeon...   IDK - I have to get someone to check it out - too icky for me!

well, here are a few of my favorites...  
A Snowman from someone I love, our First Christmas and our First New Home 

pretty blue glass birdie, sparkly Merry Christmas , and another Snowman from someone I  love 

little boat for Ocean City, Santa and one the Hubby's few 
Angel sittin' on the moon, Hubby's melty bead star and Santa from New Orleans 

one of the Heart's my sister made, sparkly spider web and fancy white sparkly bird (Partridge?) 

little stocking my sister made me =)

I have not yet selected my topper - so, this guy is enjoying a view from the tree top for a bit

that's all for now - going to Bass Pro Shop to shop & visit Santa (I hope I am not too old!) and do a little gift shopping for the hubby.. OH and this Lore Campfire Kids Campfire  for my favorite little girl
Yes - this is totally gonna make sleepover way more for nad just was the American Girl compound needs!    I hope to find something for my favorite little boy too - something that not cause his to shoot out someones eye or window!!!

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  1. Completely enchanting you darling crafty elf!

    I need that campfire!

    Have a holly jolly kind of day!


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