Thursday, December 20, 2012

girls Christmas lunch get together at the office...

Today at work we girls had our Christmas lunch -  I had a HUGE Italian salad - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, pepperoni, bacon, provolone and blue cheese dressing - it was Delicious!   everyone else had the amazing meatball & mozzarella sandwich on garlic bread - ya it is amazing.

The girls are great ...  whenever stuff annoys me I stop to remind myself how lucky I am to work with such lovely people!

I got them all a box of German boozy cherry chocolates, a jar of my AMAZING coffee vanilla liqueur, cute little Christmas trees soaps I got a a little soap shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin - wrapped them up in a plain brown paper bag and tied on a glittery Merry Christmas ornaments with some culling ribbon  - yea, I am all about the bow!   sorry -no photos as I wrapped them in the car on my way to work - just call me mayhem  - lol...   no no, I have plenty of time at the stoplights...  1 hour to drive 16 miles - insanity - right?   ha ha hoo hoo hee hee =D

I LOVE all my gifts - seriously!!!  

festive stuff - a jingly charm bracelet charm,  snowman pin and this ornament -   love love love it...  it is a origami crane hanging inside a glass figural glass bauble, with  white sequins, pink metallic stands and a pink confetti piece that says "celebrate" with pink and silver bow topped with a tiny pink candy cane - love it

cute Vera Bradley organizer   cute and so light weight - I totally  NEED help with organizing & lightening my load  with all my traveling  - home, work, home away for home, visiting family .  where is my home again!?  

viva la vera
a box of amazing sugar free chocolates - YUM!!!
I have been sO missing candy with my new restricted diet  (Dr's orders - no wheat or refined sugar - you know they put that stuff in like everything <sigh>  had they told me no coffee - surely I would have run out of the office screaming) - I did not know such a thing existed! wonderful - gonna savor those...

gotta take off these bells and take care of my sick hubby  -  ear infection, fever, maybe pneumonia...  poor kid...     Hope you all are taking extra time to appreciate life -relax and enjoy some time with friends and family

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