Sunday, January 27, 2013

closet clean-out , garden planning and valentine

..  spent the weekend working on cleaning out my closet...   it was a total disaster - boxes of paperwork from way too long ago.  clothes, scarves & shoes I have not worn in years, my whirlpool bath spa thingy  (OMG - I totally forgot it - so gonna take a nice lonnggg bath  - soon!), photo albums, speakers, a box of glass ware that should have been unpacked...  ummmm.. 4 years ago...    all kinds of random stuff for the donation bin =)

Step 1...  I pulled everything out and tested all the clothes - does it fit, is it comfy, is it cute???    if so they went back into the closet.    The leftovers will go into donation, consignment, or too small, but comfy and cute  pile (still dropping pounds on this restricted (no gluten, not refined sugar) diet thing, so -eh =/).

... clothing is loaded back in, organized by color (of course) - now to figure out to do with the rest of the stuff - later!  =D

... I did a little garden planning  =)  last year was a terrible year....   but I will not be defeated!
I found this handy dandy how many of each type of vegetable to plant guide .  .. if my math is correct I need 8 cucumbers, 16 tomato plants!?   =O  oh my!  

... then genius hit me - use 2 liter soda bottles as cloches.  I figured I could not possible be the first to think of such a thing  ->  here is a  nice step by step
... and starting seeding in egg shells -
sweet!  so excited to get started on the garden  =)

... and then I sat back and played a bit with PicMonkey& made a valentine for my big handsome hubby  
ha!  OK, that one was practice - but I am totally keeping the poem  =D

oh almost forgot (duh) I got my second follower ~ Della and her gorgeous seashell creations - beachy


  1. You had a busy weekend! I've been thinking about gardening, too. Thanks for the mention!

  2. Oh those 2 liter soda cloches are brilliant! Pinning this idea. :)


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