Tuesday, February 12, 2013

King Cake =D

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all!!!
Stuck here at home in the frozen Midwest I could not resist making King Cake Mam Papaul's Mardi Gras King Cake Mix with Praline Filling, you can find them at World Market (probably a bunch more place this time of year) ...  

King cakes are a  sweetbread ring shaped cake filed with cream cheese, fruit or in this case praline decorated with purple (justice yellow (power) and green (faith)  colored sugar  with a little toy baby hidden beneath the cake - the person who finds the baby brings the next cake or hosts the next party. 

I have to say a bit more labor intensive than I recall.--- chalking it up to being old and out of shape  w   I totally need dough hooks for my stand mixer --- but TOTALLY worth it!

The mix comes with just about everything you need - just add hot water, butter and an egg,  and nuts are optional, but I highly recommend them  ---  I used walnuts, pecans would be great too =D

I made 2 small cakes so I could bring one to work and leave at home for the hubby. 

They turned out fairly well -- LOL ok so,  one fairly respectable mini king cake and a blog for Rob -ha!!   I am quite certain I should have flipped them so the pinched side was on the bottom  - but oh well  -  nothing icing and colorful sugar cannot hide  =)  
A medallion from the the Krewe of Iris parade  (far too  many years ago)  Named for the Goddess of the Rainbow and Messenger to the Gods, the lovely krewe wears full-length masks and white gloves -awesome! 

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