Saturday, February 16, 2013

Namby-Pamby Gumbo

...  evidently the King Cake gave my hubby a taste for New Orleans cookin' which I thought was odd, but I figured why  not ~I love Gumbo, the big man can not handle the spicy food, has only had a little taste here and there....  So naturally, I had to tone to down the spicy & to make it gluten free (for me) I have to say my first attempt was quite a success. =D

I think the smoked sausage really made it, along with all the fresh ingredients, especially the okra - it ain't gumbo it it ain't got okra!-  Lots of chopping but totally  worth it!   You can spice it up if you like with your favorite hot sauce. 

2 - tablespoons butter 
1 - tablespoon - flour
Enjoy =D
 6 - clovess of garlic 
2 - small onions diced 
1 - celery stalk diced 
2 cups - of light chicken broth  
1 - medium red bell pepper diced 
3 - carrots sliced 
1/2 cup - (heaping) frozen corn kernels 
1/2 lb - okra sliced 
2 lbs - tomatoes chopped 
1 cup - hot water
1 teaspoon  -parsley 
1 - bay leaf
salt & pepper to taste 
3 - smoked beef sausages, sliced 
1 lb - raw shrimp, de-veined peeled, tails removed

Melt butter in soup pot over med heat add flour  (I used rice flour - gluten freestir continuously about making a light roux .
Add onion, garlic and celery - cook about 5 min.
Add broth (I used Herb-Ox Instant Sodium Free Bouillon Packets - they are also gluten free), vegggies, and smoked sausage, parsley, salt& pepper - cook over low for about 1 hour.
Bring  to simmer, remove bay leaf - return to low - add shrimp, cook until shrimp are done.
server over hot cooked rice - makes about servings.
I hear it freezes well.
 leftover are even better...  =)

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