Friday, March 1, 2013

... in search of a Shower Curtain

I LOVED my old shower curtain…   pretty right!?

sigh...   but alas she meet her demise what the hubby slipped and grabbed onto it thinking it would save him?  Eh?    The man has no grace on the ground, but send up a story or a hundred  and he magically develops catlike reflexes and balance.

Anyway, I stopped in to look at the selection in a few stores – such a  hideous selection I mean..  uh-ly!  or eh?  I don't want eh... or ok or even good...   I want to love love love it =)  So I went off to the www where  I found a sites that custom make them in the USA –  but all they show is a little swatch – no reference to the scale – oh, but I could have ordered swatches.. .ya,  I  don’t have time for that! ... and then I stumbled upon Café Press with like thousands and thousands of designs to choose – seriously... thousands and thousands!


So serene
Wish I was here

and this one  =)

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn because unicorns are awesome! 

yup - it was mind-boggling and an hour later I was just overwhelmed and  headed over to facebook to see what’s happenin' and there it was -  yes!!!!  posted by ReUse Connection  -  The patchwork scarf shower curtain!!!!

How awesome is that!?   Yes, I think we will be having basic liner until I finished this project
... or maybe the unicorn  =D 

do you love love love you shower curtain or is it just eh?

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