Thursday, January 10, 2013

eggcellent! Eggsact - Made in the USA

I like eggs scrambled, fried, egg-drop soup, frittata and hard-boiled, in salads and deviled eggs <YUM>   fortunately  I am pretty much incapable of cooking a perfect hard boiled egg...  once in a great while I get it right...   most of the time it takes  1 or 2 test eggs...  ugh!  wasting eggs totally annoys me...

oh but what joy - about a out a month ago while I was out doing a little gift shopping at at Bed Bath and Beyond when  I spotted the amazing  "Color Changing  Eggsact Eggtimer" proudly Made in the USA  - price $4.99 ...                                                    ... I recalled my sister me calling me (more than once perhaps) around Easter to ask me how to cook eggs - because I am such a great cook - or more likely because her first dozen eggs turned out to be a gooey gross  mess - as she trusted the instructions online & didn't test - her second batch following my advice & testing turned out better I assume lost another 1 or 2 test eggs  - ugh!!!                                         ... I scooped up 4 of them to purchase and wrapped then up for my sis, a friend and dad-in-law...   I hope that are as please as I am!    pretty sure sis and the kids will be  =)
about 10 min...   
of course, I got one for myself as well!  I followed the direction on the back, placed my timer and eggs in the pot and filled it with hot tap water, cooked em over a low boil while keeping a slightly watchful eye on them.  now, I prefer my eggs a tad past what most people call hard and so I waited until the entire thing turned purple and  scooped the eggs and timer out and placed them into a bowl to cool - and....     TA-DA!!!  PERFECT HARD-BOILED EGGS  =D

you need this!
now, I am not a kitchen gadget freak at all - basic only for the most part - this is a necessity! Even if you only make them a few times a year - pretty inexpensive and small - totally worth it and I suspect the fact this makes boiled eggs so easy and stress free - like me, you just might find yourself making them more often...   now if you have a cholesterol issue, please skip the yolks..  or maybe just have half?! 

Anyway, did you give or get any great Made in the USA gifts for the holidays?
And what is your favorite egg dish?

update 3/10/13 -  great blog about cooking eggs perfectly and peel EASY!  

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