Sunday, January 6, 2013

.. safe ornament storage

well, I didn't manage to take down the tree today - the hubby pleaded with me to keep it up a little longer  and I was feeling lazy so I obliged...  =)  

However I did plan packing and as I recalled having found 2 of my glass baubles smashed in storage=( I pondered and perused pinterest and decided to go with  3/4 inch foam insulation board with foam cups glued on  & placed in plastic bins - and luckily I had everything I need right here at home  =)
.. my inspiration used cardboard for the platforms - but I choose foam because I had some lying around (you can get it as home improvement store like Menards - about $7 for a pack of 5 14.5x48x3/4) and the foam will not hold moisture and odor <ick> like cardboard can...

First I measured the bottom section and cut the foam insulation  board to fit with my "amazing" Ginsu fillet knife  - lol - it is amazing, seriously nothing seems to dull it...   
Then using my Tacky Glue I glued foam cups to the board  - I used  8 oz and  16 oz  - bc/ I like to put the big decorations on the tree first so, obviously I used the smaller cups on the lower trays and larger on the upper  =)

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