Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New YEAR!

TODAY #FMSPHOTOADAY - I put my flowering rock into a jar...  pour in some vinegar ...   pretty sure I put in too much...  poured some out so that the rocks is not completely covered....   we shall see  =)
OK last year sucked it - TOTALLY.  Nope I am not gonna cover it in sugar and flowery BS!    sure I got by ok ( I always do, I am a scrapper) but I pretty much spent most of the year in funk wondering what the heck is wrong with me!?...  

well now I know and I am gonna suck it up and carry-on!

so I have BIG plans  =)

1) Well,  last year we got the house cleaned up, new carpeting and fresh paint and it largely remains sparsely decorated  -  this year I am going claim a spare bedroom to make myself a sewing/craft cave -   oh perhaps I should have considered that before I decided on chocolate carpeting in all the bedrooms...       oh, well I am sure thing will work out ok  =)

2)  Learn how to knit - pretty sure I had this on last years list  =?

3)  Acquaint myself with new people, like with people whom who don't just dump on their baggage and suck the life out of everything and everyone around them...   you know, people with backbones - unafraid to stand up for themselves and others!   or perhaps a a passionate or philosophical soul of sorts.... heck ya!

4)  Travel more, nothing big, a little weekend getaway to a place I have not yet been - yes  =)

5) Keep up the gluten free - it kinda sucks...  but, I do think feel better - maybe it is just a distraction...  anyway I wish I felt good, I wish I felt like I used it feel ?  I wish I could get up and go for a run..  I  must be grateful for today as I know things could turn for the worst at anytime...  there is no way to know, we just wait and watch -  deep down inside I know I will be OK - but will I be good  =/ I know it sounds like an enigma of sorts - it kind of is...  anyway, I am just not ready to share with the world...  

6) Make a New Year’s Eve 2014 date with my sister - leave the wet blanket Husbands at home!

7) Plant 13 new evergreen shrubs =  goal to create a year round privacy hedge along the road!   

8)  Make pshaw!  my favorite word of 2013

9)  Take my littlest Niece on a road-trip with me! roadtrip!!

10)  Ask myself, do I need this? where was it made?  do I love this? do I really need this?  before making a purchase..

11)  Get life insurance...

12)  Wake up when my alarm goes off... ugh, seriously?... seriously.

13)  Never decide to make number of resolutions match the year..   pshaw.. what was I thinking!?

"I used to know a clever toast, But pshaw! I cannot think of it -- So fill your glass to anything And, bless your souls, I'll drink to it!"  ~Wallace Irwin

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