Saturday, March 30, 2013

chocolate dip and sprinkled

Sugar-coated Saturday!!!

....   so as I begin to make chocolate dipped Easter treats - my hubby strolls into the kitchen and asks me "are you going to dip those sugar bunnies in sugar and sprinkle sugar on them.?"
I'm like duh, yeah!!!  I smile and he just shakes his hear and walks way...  sometimes it think he is just weird  8)

thanks to for the delicious idea!  PEEPS - dip them in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles

I made white chocolate (Baker's)  AND semi-sweet (Ghirardelli baking) - and I'm like this chocolate will not firm up...  I'm like what the?!??

chocolate dipped peeps =)
Hubby says to me, you have to but the tray on ice...  huh?  <whips around> huh? i'm like oh duh - yeah thta totally makes sense...   he's all like yeah, my mom used to dip stuff in chocolate all the time ...  
ok, so he has earned his keep for another day & I made in some chocolate dipped candied ginger - this is going to be amazing!!!

nom nom nom 
...and then there were 3, they jumped into the vodka - yaaayyy this has to be a good thing  =D
peep infused vodka 
Happy Easter y'all ~ Peace be with you.

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