Friday, March 29, 2013

clearly I need a schedule...

well...   it has been 12 days...  clearly I need a schedule... I need work on that - any thoughts? 
I am kind of stuck - my life is like SO random.  Random Tuesday, What I ate Wednesday, Thursday...   Friday....  Back yard Saturdays... Scrumptious Sunday...  

Mondays will be  "Thrifty Monday"  thrift shops, rummage sales, garage sales oh my = me blah blah blahing about about some of my most wondrous finds =D

like this past monday!! 
 - -  I scored a Vera Bradley clutch wallet for $2.99 found it stashed in the bins at goodwill - ya, you can't hide pretty little things from me =D
double kisslock in Paprika / Winter 2009

....  and a second Jack LaLanne Power juicer deluxe -  only $6.99  barely used!
sweet!!!  now we can have fresh juice at either home.  =) 

apple, orange, pink grapefruit and carrot - YUM!!   GO CUBS!!!   

ok, back to pondering the scheduled ....   

Peace be with you =D

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