Saturday, April 20, 2013

getin' the garden going....

Just starting to get the garden going  - I have BIG plans this year =)  after last years bummer (not bumper  total bummer crop  =(     part of me wanted to  was about to give up, instead, I spent a good part of the winter planning, reading, admiring others gardens, basically soaking up all things garden  =)  
Last weekend input in a few brussels sprouts - they had stater plants and  was so excited about growing  so I picked up a 4 pack and a couple 6 packs of pansy's (we got a dusting of snow last night and that are all ok - YAY!)  I also sowed a few seeds - 2 kinds of lettuce, spinach, short & sweet carrots, and sugar snow snap peas  =)  

The  3 varieties of cucumber seeding's - bush type pickle, basics vine variety, and my favorite lemon cucumbers - I started indoors a few weeks ago are looking good!!!   While the basil and lemon balm are still tiny little sprouts.  

The strawberries and rhubarb are peeking out!!!   and dandelions, hmm  salad?  wine?  anyone down with that?  I am thinking maybe, the hubby hasn't weeded and feeded  in at least a year - we should be good?  right??

Monday - the hubby's had the day off and he cut back all the thorny bushes....oh no no no, those were wild blackberries and they are delicious - so you can imagine how the birds and I have been a bit biter about that all week...    he redeemed himself by building me another 4 x 12 foot x 12 inch tall garden bed.   =)  

I picked some pretty 12x12x12 red cedar  planks for him to use - the wood and corner brackets cost $160  plus another $40 for the dirt, manure and peet to get it ready for growing this year.   Luckily we had some some galvanized pipe lying around  ( yes, I would have loved LOVED to use copper but at $80 for 10 ft piece of 2 inch pipe  <eeek>  and the hardware store only had up to one inch diameter of the UPVC  (PVC pipes can leach vinyl chloride, a known carcinogen - so you do not want to use that in the garden!)  anyway, I am going to have him cut a couple 2 foot sections to put in some deep watering holes in  - this will be my primary tomato bed - I companion plant so there will be other things in there but from what I have read tomatoes love deep watering and I love tomatoes - so there you have it.

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