Sunday, April 28, 2013

scavenging =)

Happy Sunday!!!

...this past week was clean up week -  it was a scavengers dream!!  let me tell ya, I am SO bummed that I do not have a pickup truck -  if I did I would be the proud owner of a huge wicker furniture set for the yard, and enough old windows to build the greenhouse of my dreams...   sign.

However,  I did manage to liberate a few useful things from the trash =)  garden fencing never been used - I totally needed this!!  some books, wreaths (with tags still on the), planters, a glass punch bowl set, train set!!!  plastic tote, and a few random dishes that will coordinate with my set =D
some of my scavenging scores!!!  
I also picked up some cool Tonka and other random trucks, casserole dishes and  more dishes which I donated to my local conservation groups local garage sale  = )   Seriously the things people throw away  =/   I know it makes me happy to find good stuff I can use - but thinking about all the stuff that does not get liberated from the trash makes me sad...  I get like 3 flyers a month requesting donations...  I can not be the only one.

Meanwhile out in the garden - the lettuce just beginning to sprout, sugar snap peas pushing thur the soil    - built a little bamboo trellis for them...    
...the cucumbers I started inside have sprouted the 3rd & 4th leaves  ..   basil and lemon looking good,  waiting for the tomatoes and eggplant to sprout  =)

anyway...  anyone else scavenge any good stuff during this spring cleaning season?

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