Thursday, March 29, 2012

... again with the salad - I am a bit obsessed with them at the moment I do declare!

My lunchroom associates admired my lunch so much today so I though perhaps the rest of the world may be almost as interested and spring greens are in season!

When I say "everyone" mean pretty much everyone you know there is always one.. Today it was one of the dudes who chimed in "ugh! I don't eat blue cheese, it is so fattening"   I thought to myself " ugh! shut up and eat your freaking Lean Cuisine!" now don't get me wrong I totally enjoy a Lean Cuisine now and again - enought to get myself a new  free lunch each year... but, because they are tasty and like no work to prepare!   Anyway, I let it go the age snippet of old wisdom out "moderation" and I did not even say a word when he went to  the crack... err, I  mean snack machine and returned with a bag of cheezits.... I mean those things are so fattening -  right!  LOL -  anyway we are bunch of charcters and have a good time a lunch mind you 90% of the conversation is about food and it is downright wonderful  =)

Here it is the latest & greatest of my salad creations...   Spring greens, cucumber, artichoke salad (artichoke hearts, pimento and olives marinaded in oil and seasoning)  blue cheese crumbles, my new fav "frazzled ham" (I made this fotunated discovery on "home" over there in the right column under "blogs I read" - pretty sure that is the one), balsamic vinaigrette, as well as some garden fresh garlic chives and sorrel....  yes, while the ham was cooling and you were not looking I strolled out to the garden to get them - its pure joy to be enjoying these thing in March!?

.. and lest not forget photo of the day!

Day 29 - Feet

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