Wednesday, March 28, 2012

... hella wicked mad salad making skills I have

I have come to realize it takes a minimum of 6 ingredients to make a GOOD salad!

my latest creation...  
  • a big hand full of mixed spring greens
  • a few slices of cucumber (technically I used non pickled pickles)
  • a 3 or 4 green "salad olives" that what the jar said, basically olives marinated in oil & spice  ... perhaps a few more =)
  • chunks of blue cheese
  • a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing  
  • frazzled ham (lunch meat type ham; cut in strips "julienned"& fried in a bit of olive oil)  ... yes, you have trust me its good!  
.... served with a hunk of cheesy garlic bread - SO good! 

might be the best one yet, but I am open to suggestions...  I mean, I pretty much always have some kind olives on hand; after all is a home a home with out olives in it?  I think not!  ...yet, I never considered it till my husband suggested I put a few salad olives on a <gasp> salad!?!   who would thunk it  =p

I should have taken a photo...   below is Photo a Day -  not my salad!

Day 28 - Trash

I suspect if I type good one more time, someone may hurl a thesaurus at my head… but I’m telling you its goo…  outstanding!

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