Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moon... I don't see no stinkin' moon!!

Day 25 - Breakfast

Corned Beef & potatoes with a fried egg  =) leftovers from last nights dinner corned beef, cabbage & potatoes... LOVE stuff! 

Day 24 - An Animal  

This is Stevie the Caribbean hermit crab, he lives in our Crabitat with his hermit crab friends Cecil, Kimmie, Max, Pikachu, Tammie and Kaia... yes, I know who's who even though they try to fool me with their shell changing games....  but their quirky personalities them away every time!    Pikachu is the only one who has not yet moved out of his painted shell, IDK so much talk about the horror of painted shells...  I took them all out, but are they really all that bad???  

Day 23 - Moon...   I don't see no stinkin' moon!!  I think perhaps yesterday was a new noon, so it would only be a sliver and its all cloudy up there so no moon for you....   well... I could, ummm, well, now that would be highly inappropriate  =0

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