Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Urban Farm Handbook Challenge thingy =)

Something is not right with my Blogger right now...   anyway,  I have a few minutes (literally) so here goes - I FinaLLY stumbled upon this "Urban Farm Handbook" challenge thingy and since I need all the motivation I can get – I’m in! 

Looks like I am going from last week’s ½ gallon of fridge pickle extravaganza to small batch extravaganza (I dream of the day I will have pot large enough to process those GIGANTIC jars... sigh*) and since I was just given 4 pretty little Jalapeno peppers  (thinking peachy jalapeno jam) oh, YES!  Canning season is about to get VERY interesting...    =D   

*note to self -> add this  ->  <- to my favorites 

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